How to deal with reversal or charge back requests due to processing error

It is possible that your customer makes a claim that payment was credited to you whereas you have not received it.

This can be due to network error/bank switch failure, such that the customer received a failed/unsuccessful notification whereas you are credited for the transaction. Also, due to network timeout, there are scenarios where a customer might be debited even though they have not completed the transaction cycle.

At such times, the first thing to do is to login to your account and review your transaction history using the email  or transaction ID provided by your customer. You can then proceed to complete the order on behalf of your customer.


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  1. good day sir/ma, i am to inform you that my bank was debited but the transaction wasn’t successful. N10000.. pls shed light on this. my phone number is 0816XXXXXXXX (redacted). thank for your kindness

  2. Oladimeji Olalekan

    I’m a participant on abundance wealth club, I made a payment for my referal with my gtb master debit card on the18 Nov 2016, thru your platform and i was debited without payment going through

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