How to create free shopping cart on VoguePay

It is easy to accept payment with VoguePay even if you don’t have a website. One option is to generate a payment link which you can send to your clients to accept payment on Whatsapp, Facebook or any platform.

Here is a guide on how to do this.

Another option is to use VoguePay’s free shopping cart tool to easily create shopping cart with your products list. It does not require writing codes or downloading any extension to work. Simply create as many products as you need and generate HTML code to place exactly where you want the product to be on your website.

Below are simple steps to get started:

STEP 1: Get your VoguePay user ID.

Log in to your VoguePay account and copy your user ID (instructions can be found here). Copy this somewhere and proceed to the free tool cart page to complete the rest of the process.

STEP 2 (Left-hand side of the free tool cart page)

Here you will fill the form section with appropriate information using the guideline below.

  • Merchant ID: Insert the merchant ID you copied from step 1 here.
  • Cart width in px or %: This is the dimension of the place you want to display your shop on your website.
  • Memo (Optional): Memo is an additional information you want to display on the product page you are creating.
  • Notification URL, Success URL and Failure URL: These are optional. If you have specific pages you want to redirect your customers to, you can include the URLs. Learn more about notifications on VoguePay.
  • Merchant Ref(Optional): This could be any additional information you want to include for the customer. For example, this can include your shipping policy or pick up time.


STEP 3: (Right-hand side of the free tool cart page)

Proceed to provide more information about the product to be displayed. You have the option of creating single product with multiple options, change the “buy button” colour and include your own custom button. You also have the option of adding relevant description of your product and set the price before generating the shopping cart code.

STEP 4: (Generate shopping cart code)

Click the blue button to generate HTML code. Copy this code and proceed to your website (page you want to display the shopping cart).


Open the editor of your website and paste the HTML code you copy from the shopping cart to the page and publish it.


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