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    1. admin

      If your account is suspended or banned, kindly contact our support at
      You should clearly state reasons why the suspension should be lifted as well as measures you are taking to prevent the action that led to the suspension or account banning.

  1. Victor Aniefiok

    Please i formerly opened an account on voguepay and i used my phone number and the email i enter was not correct and i setup another account with a valid email but when i try to enter my phone number it pop up this message(this number is already register to another account…. This is the number 081[REDACTED]…. Pls i wnt that previous account deactivated, so as for me to be able to use my number again on this current account…. Thanks in anticipation.

    1. admin

      Your phone number is attached to your VoguePay account. Hence, you can only use one phone number per account. Kindly follow the instruction sent to your email to resolve the issue.

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