Where can I upload the downloadable content I want to sell

If you are selling a digital product it is easy to use VoguePay to instantly give download access to your users immediately after payment. This particular guide covers selling digital downloadable product on VoguePay.

You can upload the digital content you want to sell to any hosting services of your choice, like Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Amazon Web Services or even host the files on your own server.

However, it is important to note that after uploading the content, you need to get the URL of the location of the file. This is the URL that you submit to VoguePay when you are creating your payment link for the product.

Please note that VoguePay will encrypt the product URL so it can only be accessed after successful payment has been received from the buyer.


If your product URL page requires your buyer to take a second action before the product can be downloaded, it may not work and your buyers will not be able to get access to the product they paid for.

In case you are selling a programme that requires users to login to access your product, you should redirect your users to a success page/URL where they can get further instructions.

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