Can personal account receive payment in USD?

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

You can only accept USD with a verified account on VoguePay.

 Please note that if you set up any payment link to receive payment in USD when your account is not enabled for it, the checkout page will display blank.

Personal account can only receive payments from VoguePay users and Visa cardholders. If you intend to receive international payments in USD then there would be a need to upgrade your personal account, verify it and/or request for international gateway access if USD is not your default currency. recieve

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  1. Emmanuel Morgan

    Do Vogue Pay Accept All Cards And Method Of Payment For Personal Account After Upgrading And Verrifying, ?

    1. admin

      Hello Emmanuel, personal account users can accept only local payment from VISA card and wallet funding. As the article highlighted, you need to upgrade to business account by sending us an email (this is free) and then go on to verify your account and apply for international gateway access.

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