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  1. Mohammed Khalid Khan

    We have integrate Command API in our mobile app and we want to test it using demo account in merchant id but it is not working.

    could you please assist me how I can test Command API using Demo account?

  2. I am unable to find the developers code variable in the command api for integration, please can i get a clearer documentation for the api because that of the developers page is not that clear enough.
    because your inline code isn’t secured a user could just go to inspect element and change the merchant_id and that’s a bigger problem money is transferred to wrong accounts so i need a way to accept payment on my site using the command api that also allows me to add my developers code, because the one on your documentation for json pay doesn’t contain the developers code

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Yusuf, our support team have replied this inquiry, kindly check your email inbox, thank you for choosing

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