Learn about VoguePay’s buyer protection policy

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

VoguePay is focused on satisfying customers that send payment through our gateway. One of the first steps we take to achieve this is our business verification process.

The verification process ensures that the merchants that accept payment with VoguePay meet adequate KYC/AML standard. In any case where customer is not satisfied with services or product purchased, we have a dispute resolution process.

Information about this is available on our terms and conditions page.

Based on the provisions of the dispute resolutions, a customer can:

  • Initiate a refund request by sending a mail to support@voguepay.com.
  • Request their bank to initiate a chargeback request.

When VoguePay is notified about the refund/chargeback requests, we ensure that both buyer and seller amicably resolve the issues within the limits of the law. If you are a seller, you can learn more about our how we handle refund and chargebacks.

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