How to auto-withdraw money from VoguePay to Bank Account

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2018)



You can set up your VoguePay account to withdraw money to your bank account when a specific payment threshold is reach.

To enable auto withdrawal, all the fields must be correctly filled for auto withdrawal to take effect. Also indicate the amount and Bank details.

NOTE: You can only auto withdrawal the money in your wallet that have matured.  For you funds to mature, it takes 48 hours for local transaction and 7 days for international transactions.

  • Days interval defines the number of days the system will wait before triggering your withdrawal.
  • Minimum amount is  the amount triggered for auto withdrawal whenever the funds in your account reaches that minimum amount. For example, if you set your minimum amount to be N1000, the system will continuously check to know if:

(a) Have the funds in your account reached the minimum level for withdrawal of N1000?

(b) Are the funds matured for withdrawal?

  • Bank Account  is the bank you want your payment to be remitted to.

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