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  1. its not working, i cant add my bank account IT KEEP SAYING
    Incorrect Bank / Account Number

  2. i added a new bank account for a seperate business but can’t find an option to select it while creating a payment link.

    and when i created a new payment link and tried to test it I find it is linked with the first account as against the second one.

    How do i change this. someone needs to make a payment now. A swift response will be appricaited

  3. Part time accountants

    Important information thanks for sharing.

  4. Nwachukwu Anthony

    Please, i paid 2000naira to vogue pay yesterday in the afternoon through bank deposit but, my vogue pay account has not been funded after putting my deposit details in my vogue pay account.
    Depositors name :Nwachukwu Sunday Anthony.
    Please resolve my issue.

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Anthony, I want to believe that you have completed the steps stated above, kindly send and email to if the funds are yet to reflect in your wallet. Thank you.

  5. Ayoba

    Drop down don’t drop. I wand to add another account. Thanks

    1. idorenyin

      Hello Ayoba, could you please post a screenshot of what you are referring to?

  6. Ekene

    What kind of account should a freelancer create?…Personal or business?

    1. idorenyin

      A freelancer, since he will be receiving funds from his clients, will need to open a business accounts.
      This will also allow him generate invoice for his clients and also have a better accounting system to track his inflows and out flows and other business analytical tools.

  7. Iwuorie Blessing

    Pls help.i actually opened personal acct.but wants to have business do I go about changing it to business acct.thanks

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Hello Blessing, kindly scroll down the left panel on your dashboard. You will see the account upgrade tab, or load this page after sign in – and upgrade your account, thank you for choosing VoguePay

    1. idorenyin Idiong

      Yes! you can, kindly chat us up on facebook messenger. Thank you for choosing VoguePay

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