Funds Maturity on VoguePay.

This could mean that the funds in your account MAY NOT have matured for withdrawal.

Fund maturity period for local transaction is 48 hours, i.e. whenever any payment is made to you it is neither available to transfer nor withdraw until 48hours have elapsed. The maturity period for international transactions is 7 days.

This immature balance allows you to view the accumulation of funds made to you.

NOTE: Funds available for withdrawal can also be viewed from your matured balance.

mature funds



Funds are not accessible for withdrawal immediately due to the following reasons:

  • In the event of a dispute between the merchant and the customer, a resolution is required before the funds are accessed.
  • In the event of suspected fraud, investigations must be carried out with the appropriate agencies in order to satisfy our compliance obligations.

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    1. admin

      Hello bitcoinwallet, as the article above noted, your inability to withdraw might be because the funds is not yet matured. Kindly send more details about your withdrawal request to so we can address it immediately.

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