When can I withdraw my money (Funds Maturity)

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2018)



On VoguePay, funds are not accessible for withdrawal immediately. For local transactions (Naira), you can withdraw funds next day  (T+1)  while for other currencies, maturity period is T+5 days.

What’s the basis for fund maturity?

It is designed as a buyer protection policy.

We want to make sure that both sellers and buyers are happy with transaction before releasing funds to merchant.  Hence, the maturity period will provide ample time to accommodate such complaints or disputes to be filed (especially cases of fraud).

When we defined the policy, we have buyers in mind since some of you need the funds to carry out the service that was paid for. At the same time, we have to manage expectations of your customers as well as regulatory agencies regarding transaction compliance.

To drive this point home, imagine these two scenarios:

  1. There is a dispute between the merchant and the customer about the transaction, it might be too late to reach resolution in favour of the other party if money has been sent to merchant.
  2. In the event of suspected fraud, investigations must be carried out with the appropriate agencies in order to satisfy our compliance obligations.

So, how do you know when fund is matured?

In your dashboard, we designated any funds that is NOT available for withdrawal as immature balance while the one available for wirhdrawal is designated as mature balance. 

  • Mature fund: This is the fund you are eligible to withdraw from your wallet.
  • Immature funds: This fund is available in your wallet but not due for withdrawal.
  • Account balance: This is the sum total of matured and Immature funds in your VoguePay wallet.


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    1. admin

      Hello bitcoinwallet, as the article above noted, your inability to withdraw might be because the funds is not yet matured. Kindly send more details about your withdrawal request to support@voguepay.com so we can address it immediately.

  1. btc

    If my customers from Europe will pay In Naira currency from their EU cards , I still have to wait 5 days ?

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