The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Payment Gateway For IPTV services

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2019)


The consumer market for IPTV is expanding.

In 2016, it was estimated at $40 billion and it will be worth approximately 120 billion USD by 2025. This is a massive business opportunity for anyone going into internet protocol television especially because the business cost of setting up an IPTV services is low.

Providers of IPTV services make money by offering subscription to people that want to stream their favorite sports and live TV shows over internet protocol instead of using cable services. 

But, is IPTV services illegal or legal ?

When I did a search in Google, I realize a lot of people are asking the same question.

In case you wondering why this question is a commonly asked, it is  because IPTV market is largely unregulated. 

It is unfortunate that the technology is frequently used to broadcast illegally pirated television streams. Apart from established video-on-demand providers like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, many IPTV providers offer copyrighted materials they are not licensed to provide.

This  leaves providers susceptible to crackdowns for copyright violations.  Despite this, IPTV is still legal in most countries, including USA.

Why are payment gateways not supporting IPTV ?

The number one problem of IPTV merchants is having a credible payment gateway to accept debit and credit card payment.

Many card processors view the entire IPTV sector as high risk. In fact, many IPTV merchants have lost their earnings due to account blocks on PayPal or they are forced to use high risk payment gateways that charge exorbitant transaction and monthly maintenance fees.

In contrast to these gateways, VoguePay offers a friendly payment support for IPTV merchant accounts.

How VoguePay supports IPTV ecosystem

VoguePay is positioning itself as the most cost-effective payment gateways for IPTV merchants to accept payment. We offer the best payment experience for genuine IPTV providers to get paid.

We also offer provide support for buyers of IPTV ; our buyer protection policy ensures they can successfully file for chargeback/refund if services is not rendered.

Finally, we create additional revenue opportunities for IPTV platform developers. Our merchant aggregator program offers them up to 2% transaction fee per merchant that uses our payment gateway.

Here is a breakdown of how VoguePay works with IPTV buyers, sellers and developers.


To start using VoguePay, all merchants go through after a strict, but simple onboarding procedure. We work with leading global AML/KYC platforms to access the eligibility of each IPTV merchant before they start using our services.

To join the list of IPTV merchants using VoguePay, follow the steps below by clicking on the links.

STEP 1: Create a free account to accept credit card payment.

STEP 2: Verify you account by providing KYC/AML information.

STEP 3: Integrate Voguepay gateway to your IPTV platform.

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