How to Generate Leads from your website

How to Generate Leads from your website

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2019)





As technology continues to evolve, opportunities for your business to become more successful also increases. 

For example, you can have a website, where you can display your products or services and receive payment from anywhere with a payment gateway like VoguePay. According to PWC, the number of consumers making such purchases online, specifically via mobile rose from 7% to 17% which is more than doubled from 2010 to 2017. 

So you are losing revenue if you do not have a payment option on your website.

But, what happens if those people visiting your website are not ready to make a purchase yet for one reason or the other? 

You can simply allow such visitor to “disappear” or you follow the plan I will layout in this article to capture relevant information about them which you can use to invite them back.

The “science” of capturing lead capture

Here is how it works:

BEFORE: (A) User visits your website >>>>> (B)  Not interested in your offer (C) Closes your website and relationship ended

NOW: (A) User visits your website >>>>> (B)  Not interested in your offer (C) You incentivize them with something they might like (D) They provide you their email or phone number in exchange (E) You invite them back to your website (F) Finally, they buy. 

generating leads from website


3 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Website


  1. Add Call to Action Buttons – Gone are the days where contact pages were the only page where you can capture leads from your website. A simple call to action button on the home page banner or any page where you explained the services that you render can be a good place to capture leads.


Think of it this way, after telling a visitor what services you render, telling him right away to try it out, will increase your chances of getting his contact details which you can use to follow up and nurture them till they eventually make a decision to make a purchase.

  1. Offer a trial plan or Free download – Free trials or free software with limited features have proven to help many companies grow their customer base as they allow you to generate demand for the product and create a contact list of leads. 


Customer also do have questions going through their mind especially for certain products

This may include questions like…

  • Is this person or company really as good as they say they are?
  • Will this product meet my needs?
  • What happens if I’m not happy or have made a mistake joining?

To encourage website visitors to try out your product, you will also need to assure them that they won’t be charged during the free trial period and that they can cancel anytime. 


  1.   Use Exit Popup Offer – An exit popup is a popup that appears when a website visitor tries to exit your website. Though pop-ups are been noted to contribute to a high bounce rate and increase website exit and statistics also show that up to 98% of website visitors leave the site without taking any action. 

Designing an exit intent pop up will increase your chance of capturing leads. This can be a great opportunity to display an offer or give them a reason to stay longer. 

The offer could be a free PDF download that solves a problem related to the service and at the same time, they provide their email address in exchange.


Bonus – 

Install Cookies for remarketing – 

Cookies are tags that are stored on your web browser directory. Its main duty is to identify a website visitor or customer, and stores data on how the visitor used the website.

This information is usually stored for as long as the visitor does not clear his browser history. Giving you the opportunity to serve ads to them. You can install cookies using facebook pixel or google UTM codes.


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