Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2019)

Hello! Trust you are all doing fine. Today I brought you some wonderful growth hacking tools that will enhance your content creation, curation efforts, and measure the spread plus acceptance of your content across various platforms.

Of course, our mono-economy is shrinking by the day but, digital marketing teams have to manage clients’ funds as much as possible. Be that as it may, many of us now create, curate and circulate content to cut cost, at least. There are many opportunities in content development right now, therefore standing out from the crowd is essential, and good content is a great way to help you attract your audience’s attention.

. has three main purposes: the connector, the notifier, and marketer.

. Connector’s role is to enable you to use a google account to schedule, send and track personalized lead nurturing emails. It provides you with rich templates, also, lets you set up follow-up email sequences.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content

Notifier is great because it is a growth hacking tool that scans your blog post, informs those you mentioned in it so they could hook up with the post. This ordinarily increases the number of people that come across your content.


Content creation from scratch can be more fun than Whitlow. The sore fingertip becomes painful, then comes some cold chilling through your spine. So sweet that you are feeling but you don’t really know what you are feeling. Congrats, Scrivener is here to take that pain in content creation away.

What you are left with now is the fun of being able to split up your content into a sequence of chapters. You get to spread your tattered ideas across multiple chapters, flesh out each idea and find how to marry all the chapters to form one family.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral ContentNot having enough idea to start with scares many folks away from developing great content. What will I write? 2,000 words, relax try out Scrivener, the content hacker, a lovely growth hacking tool.

Even, if you have a novel to write, Scrivener binder helps you merge these scattered ideas. You also get to import background research, images, and notes.


Use the corkboard and outliner to work out the best structure before, after or while you write the draft.


Free for the first 14days, this is another wonderful growth hacking tool which helps you analyze top-performing contents across many platforms. From time to time, as a content developer, marketer or everyday writer, you need an Eagle eye to look across your industry to know what topic is creating buzz at the moment or what content is giving your competitors all the attention.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content

BuzzSumo provides you with analysis of that viral content everyone is engaging with. It shows you backlinks to content and helps settle your fears of being able to create content that will perform as good as that trending content or topic.


This is simple and amazing. Why? All you need do is drop the link to your blog post or upload your content file on this growth hacking tweeter crawler. And immediately you get a list of Twitter accounts of influencers who are already talking about the topic, theme or subject of your content. It is such a massive eye-opener. You should not blink before trying it out.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral ContentYou never can tell how useful onalytical is until you use it to analyze your content for finding influencers. After you upload your content or link to blog post, relax a bit.

The algorithm will crawl Twitter in search of influencers that match the topic. You can prune down the list based on location, export the list in CSV format or create a Twitter list to enable you to follow-up with them.

What a way of putting your content right in front of those who are ready to spread it for you?


This tool helps to check grammatical blunder and it is free. It helps to ensure that content is clear free of any grammatical error and effective. The tool can also be upgraded to a paid premium version.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral ContentThis growth hacking tool is a web-browser extension/plug-in (majorly for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari). Add it to your browser. You can do that now as you are reading this.

It checks for more than grammar, it checks spelling, punctuation, style, sentence structure even originality.


When you fumble with grammar such as this unfortunate Samsung ad, the implication could be humiliating and costly.


This particular tool is one of the simplest free content curation tools, it allows you to subscribe and explore your favorite blogs and read their latest blog posts from one place. it as well helps to brainstorm ideas for your next post. On Feedly, keeping up with contents from multiples sites or topics is very easy, you can also easily label your groups of feeds for easy reference.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content


Ninja Outreach

For lead generation, link building, influencer marketing, finding guest posts, content promotion and many more, the growth hacking tool called Ninja Outreach has it all. At a very low cost, within a short of a period of time, you have access via this Ninja tool to reach out to thousands of blogs, influencers, and leads. When you have a blog post which you want plenty of bloggers in your niche to connect with, use these tools.

Growth Hacking Tools to Create Viral Content

These are awesome growth hacking tools to help us create, curate and circulate delicious content to our audience and make some money for our clients from time to time. One tool I do not want to dwell so much on is I have seen some digital marketers use it to curate and automate the distribution of fresh content relating to a chosen topic, title or niche across their social media pages.

So, I assume many of us already know about it. Juwon Amodu daily is a typical consistent stream of ever-fresh content I come across every other day.

Beyond wallet-wallet transactions for individual accounts, there are several businesses and content support solutions to ensure smooth integration of all types, sizes, and forms of online and offline businesses. Fraud in online payment is hard to swallow, but VoguePay has recorded less than 1% successful fraudulent transactions since 2012 when it was launched.

The industry benchmark for fraudulent transactions has been between 50-51% in recent times.

With VoguePay processing both your local and international payment transactions, you can be sure the money you make comes into your pocket and not that of cyber-rats, as they are called. More tools for enhancing productivity and delivering the goodies to clients while we delight our audience are on the way.

Endeavour to drop by always. Thanks for your time. Catch you next week, stay pumped up!

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