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(Last Updated On: July 14, 2016)

What is social media listening?

It is a process through which persons or businesses monitor conversations on digital media platforms in order to identify and assess what their audience and competitors are talking about them or the industry. It is called ‘listening’ but it is more of tracking. It is tracking partly because whether you are online or in your dream, you should follow conversations about your brand, competitors, regulators and your entire industry.

Social media being a deregulated community could turn the table against anyone anytime any day. Only those businesses who plan ahead and execute smart social media listening strategy will be able to tackle cyber bullying when it happens. Celebrities, likewise startups, cannot afford with this.

The buying decisions prospects make take large chunk of contribution from what is being said about the concerned brand online.

Why do startups need social listening?

The objectives of social media listening are diverse. They can be broadly categorized into targeting marketing activation and obtaining information for planning and decision-making for business growth. When social media listening is used to target marketing activities, you are capable of capturing: demographics of target audience, actionable buyer personas, relevant influencers, all possible segmentations of your target market. For decision-making insight, you could use social media listening to obtain product reviews, customer feedback, industry rating, product development research, competitors’ strength and weaknesses and marketing trends in your industry.

listen2.jpgBy examining data we can derive maximum value from our customers by truly understanding their needs throughout the buying process and delivering to these needs, allowing our customer to get the maximum value from us.

. A study by McKinsey


What are the features of good social listening tools?

There are so many social media listening tools. To guide your choice of tools, these are what you should consider: monitoring, analysis, social engagement, back office and report. The quantity of conversations going online is intimidating, trying to catch up manually with all that concern you is not realistic.

That’s why many Software-as-a-Service companies have teamed up with social media platforms to provide social media listening tools which will help you specialize in honing in, listening, comparing, monitoring, recording and tracking your customer’s needs – and even those of potential customers.

Categories of social listening tools:

For the purpose of this post, we will look into social media listening tools under the following categories: Monitoring Overview, Blogging, Twitter Marketing and Social Networks.

Social Media Listening Tools for Monitoring Overview

Google Alert: King Google has got us all. Try survey your office or home today to find out which has no piece of Google in it. Whether devices, services or apps, somebody you know or you will definitely touch Google at least once in a day. One of these numerous gifts from the Alphabet empire is Google Alerts. It is a free service that lets you fill a simple form to track and receive information about you or your brand via online news, blogs, books, videos, discussions.


You can use it to track your industry trends and that of your major clients.When you know your clients need change, you can always review what you offer to catch up with their evolving problems.

For content curation for your business blog, you could use Google Alert to track sources of relevant blog posts to assist you with your content ideas.

Addict-o-matic: This allows you to create and bookmark a new page containing topics, keywords or search terms you choose. All you need do is to choose a topic, Addict-o-matic feeds you with all the buzz around it. You also get to browse hot news by categories such as politics, gossip, food, and so on while some hot topics already making buzz worldwide will be suggested to you.

This friendly social media listening tool sources news from Youtube, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, Friendfeed, Wikio, to mention but a few. When you have an idea that something is getting a lot of buzz and you want to how many sources and social media networks it has spread to, hook up with Addict-o-matic.

Besides, it is another way to get on the buzz train by checking what the major online platforms are saying about a particular issue or idea, so you too can take a side and get noticed. Doing notice-me for your business once in a while won’t hurt no one. LOL!

Howsocialable:  this is the social listening tool that simply tells you the magnitude of your brand. Howsocialable provides you with values to measure the impact of your investment in social media marketing. if you have executed a recent online campaign and you would like to know if it has impacted at all on brand’s social currency.

Impact is the keyword with howsocialiable. To know how your social media activities affect your brand, quantify the progress of your brand over a period of time, find out how competitor’s campaign or new product has changed customers’ perception of your brand, you need to this social listening too. called Howsocialable.

Your online reputation is not just a function of what you say about your brand, it is very much affected by what audience and competitors say. You cannot manage your online reputation effectively by staying long on individual platforms. A social media management tool such as this provides you succor.

sumall:  this is a social listening tool that teaches you how to use your social media insight to create valuable content, the best time to post calculate the value of social media to your business. Sumall is not just a listening tool as it were, but also a cross-platform marketing analytics platform.

Sumall uses social media, web traffic, sales metrics along with other data to allow businesses track their performance on social media and other online platforms. With intelligent analytics, you can properly guide your posts on different social media networks.

listen4Social Media Listening Tools for Blogging

Mention: for as much as you can take, this social media listening tool promises you that you won’t miss any mention! This informs you of conversations that concern you or what matter to your business and lets you reply real-time.

Besides, It finds you the most popular influencers who are talking what matters to you.

When you know the big shots talking about your industry, you can easily determine you should be your organic or inorganic advocates by creating the right relationships.

Cyfe: is a self-service cloud based business intelligence application for coordination of social media activities, analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure from a control spot called dashboard. It is app with well over 170k users that let you handle all your business data conveniently.

Cyfe provides pre-built widget to pull data from popular services like Google and Salesforce. It allows you to export data as well in different formats. You can brand your reports, map domain name, customize dashboard backgrounds, and so on. It is cool for tracking number of new sign ups, app downloads, subscriptions, and other related KPIs in real-time.

Social Media Listening for Twitter Marketing

Twittercounter: for businesses with different Twitter accounts, this tool aggregates professional statistics. It is a cornerstone for improving the quality and impact of your tweeting. It helps you track the number of retweets, mentions and likes, get a full list of your most engaging tweets for each of those metrics in your chosen time range.

Twittercounter reports to you an overview of how many followers you gained or lost within a period. You can also engage with new followers as they join your page.

Tweetdeck: this social media listening tools lets you manage many timelines at a time. You can add multiple Twitter accounts and choose a default account. TweetDeck allows you to tweet from multiple accounts easily. You can even post Tweets from multiple accounts at once.

 TweetDeck allows you to follow a user from multiple accounts, all at once. You can also follow a user by clicking follow on their profile, but only your default account will follow them.


Social Media Listening tools for other networks

Socialbakers it’s a global social media analytics and publishing platform that provides social media management services and deep data analytics for thousands of brands that market on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and VK.

IceRocket: is search engine which specializes in real-time search for blogs, Tweets, news and images.

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