(Last Updated On: July 26, 2016)

What is email to you?

Email means many things to many people. Internal communication, B2B means of sharing information, newsletter, updates, cold-calling marketing and so on, are what readily come to mind when ‘email’ is mentioned.

I wish I can sit down and count how many emails hit my inbox on a daily basis. It looks quite simple to reach out to millions of people with a couple of clicks.

But, as simple as it is, very small percentage of the legion of emails gets opened, smaller click-throughs and minimal conversions at the end of the day. There are many reasons email strategies fail but majorly they turn out to be SPAM.

How do you feel when someone you don’t know asks you to buy what you don’t know?

Whether we like it or not, marketing has evolved into relationship-driven matter. Before you press SEND button, ask yourself:

When is email marketing truly  SPAMMING?
Spamming, being bulk unsolicited message, is synonymous with email -likewise bulk SMS.


I receive an average of ten text messages from ‘God-knows-who’ on weekly basis promoting this offer or asking me to subscribe to that service I never showed interest in.

That is spamming, it is equally annoying.

When someone wakes up in the morning, before greeting their bed-mate they check their phones. One of those things they are most likely going to check is email.  Why on God’s green earth don’t we embrace
the goodies email marketing has brought to us?

How do you optimize email marketing for ROI?

Henceforth, let us adopt email marketing as a veritable means of intimating our targets with our brand message, adding value to our followers for their loyalty, nurturing visitors into leads, closing leads into customers, making customers promoters of our business by delighting them.

When is email marketing nurturing?

From the perspective of offering value to audience in exchange for their attention, from the perspective of asking customers for honest feedback, from the perspective of soliciting for clients’ input in product design or suggestions for personalizing services to best suit users, email is very powerful, conversational, heartfelt, personal and cost-effective.

What makes email marketing very effective?
Above all, reasons email marketing, if done with best practices, should be prioritized by all businesses is the reality that marketing is now experience-based.


There are so many options, so many reasons to buy from you, someone else or not to buy at all. Thus, email should be seen as the go-to resource for starting, sustaining relationships which drive sales and customer satisfaction.

What do I benefit from effective email marketing?

How do you send the right message to the right person?

Determine your audience: do a little market research to get familiar with whom you are talking.

Send the right email at the right time: message must tally with reader’s current needs.

Nurture your lead into a customer: know you are fostering relationship not persuading to buy. Segment your

contacts database: email content should not be one-size-fits-all.

According to Hubspot, 4.3 billion email accounts send 196 billion emails every day. 91% of consumers check their email daily. 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications. Email has a marketing ROI of 4,300%.


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