stay safe with voguepay digital

COVID 19: Staying Safe with VoguePay digital

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2020)

In the past couple of weeks, the Corona virus outbreak has been a major concern to the entire public. So far, about 225,254 cases have been recorded globally and staying safe isn’t an option but a MUST.  While keeping safe in this period, a great opportunity presents to introduce VoguePay Digital mobile app.

stay safe with voguepay digital
Stay safe with voguepay digital

VoguePay Digital app (VPD)–  from the shores of Vogue Web solution, is a cross-border financial solution that enables a very convenient lifestyle from the comfort of your home. VPD is a new method of banking as it replaces bank charges with cashbacks in your cashbox. This is to say that you get to save up to 3% on every transaction in form of a cashback. Recurrent bills like cable bills, airtime can be paid via VPD. The financial solution also enables ease of conversion of currencies when you roam. VPD is a necessity, a lifestyle aid and a financial solution. All in one application. Guess what? VPD is currently offering free airtime to test the app when you download and register on the app. Check it out on


In the current situation of COVID 19 pandemic, we encourage you to protect yourself and loved ones from contacting the Corona Virus disease by  putting into practice the below guidelines from World Health Organization (WHO).


  1. WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY: As trivial as this might sound. It is very important to wash your hands this period and for situations where you can’t get hand wash and water, always sanitize your hand. It is advisable to have an “In The Bag” Hans sanitizer that you can use at all times.


  1. AVOID LARGE GATHERINGS: party is fun to unwind, church is important, mosque is important as well as other large gatherings but this recent happening does not support large gatherings and prevention is always better.


  1. STAY AT HOME: We know staying at home can be very boring. Worry less because we’ve got you covered to ease boredom. VPD App which serves as a bank can help you transfer and receive money from anywhere in the world, make purchases and every online payment you need from internet subscription, to dstv subscriptions to help keep you informed and entertained even while at the comfort of your home.


4. EAT HEALTHY: Food is essential and eating healthy is super important. Take vegetables and Vitamins.


5. AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE: We understand touching the face can sometimes act as a self soothing mechanism but the current situation does not warrant you touching your face because it is easy to pass germs from your hands to your face. Wear a nose mask when out of the house, that can prevent you from touching your face.

As we live in positivity, let’s not forget that the COVID 19 can be spread through tiny droplets released from the nose and mouth of an infected person as they cough. If you have to go out, always have your nose mask and hand sanitizer. Stay safe at all times and take good care of you and others around.

Avoid crowded environments and public places. Use VoguePay for your business transactions and VPD for even more financial services.


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