Commission programme for platforms developer and web design agency

Commission Programme for Platforms Developer and Web Design Agency

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2019)


VoguePay is known for creating revenue opportunities for anyone interesting in introducing our payment gateway to merchants. Already, two of our programmes caters for this. This include our basic affiliate programme, and developer commission programme.

Our newest programme takes the commission bonus to another level.

The merchant aggregator programme is VoguePay’s latest commission programme. It rewards you for introducing international merchants in these categories: Forex, cryptocurrency and online gaming.

Which of the programmes is ideal for you ?

Here is a simple table showing the major differences in the commission you earn from the programmes.

NOTE: It is important to note that, just like with other affiliate programmes,  you need to have good knowledge of how our payment solution works. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with answers to some questions that can be raised.  Our FAQ platform covers this product knowledge.

2 ways to participate in the merchant aggregator programme.

The aggregator programme is ideal for crypto and Forex web agencies that have existing clients who need payment integration to accept payments in Africa and other parts of the world. You simply monetize the relationship you have with your clients when they sign up to use our payment gateway.

There are 2 ways to participate in the programme.

1. Integrate VoguePay API to crypto, Forex and gaming products

You can participate as an application or software developer. Simply integrate our payment API to forex, crypto or gaming applications and platforms or open-source products. 

If you are a developer or web agency interested in this programme, get more details here.

2. Refer your crypto and Forex clients to use VoguePay.

Non-developer with valuable networks in this market segment can also introduce clients to VoguePay. 

If you are not a developer, this helpful guide detailed the opportunities and guideline for participating in this programme.

Want to join VoguePay aggregator programme ?

Schedule a session with our product team. Talk to expert  OR chat with us on Facebook.

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