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How to Buy and sell Digital goods on VoguePay – Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2019)

Have you ever thought of selling your digital products online? Have you ever wondered how you can sell PIN related goods (Like recharge cards) directly from your website?” Do you know you can sell digital contents even without having a website?

VoguePay now has answers to your questions.

With the internet, the world has become a marketplace. It is now incredibly easy for anyone to sell digital products directly from their websites, Twitter, Facebook or even through email newsletters. Digital contents like PDF books, MP3 music, photos, software programs, video courses, website themes, and everything else that can be downloaded can be sold and purchased online without stress.

With VoguePay, a unique online payment processor, you can now buy and sell digital contents without stress. The VoguePay “Buy Now” Button and Pin Dispenser WordPress plugins make it easy and flexible to turn your site into an e-commerce website and start selling digital products via VoguePay. With VoguePay, a unique online payment processor, you can now buy and sell digital contents without stress.

VoguePay provides a cost-effective way to sell digital goods and has a flexible platform for game developer, media content producer, or blogger.

Additional flexibility is that a user can set up various payment scenarios within the application. For example, if a publisher wants to sell different books by different authors online, his developer can enable payment distribution to the entire set of authors upon the point of purchase.

You can easily set this up using VoguePay product management module or with CMS tools like WordPress and Joomla

If you are ready to benefit from VoguePay system of selling and buying digital goods, this guide will assist you.



To benefit from this, you need to Sign up for an account with VoguePay. If you have an account, log in from the Voguepay homepage, then click on Business solution and Product management.

product management tools

Fig 1: The Product management page


. Downloadable products include Music, games, E-books, doc files, photos while PIN related products are recharge cards, scratch cards, and other products whereby PINs are required.

This takes the user to the page where the required fields will be completed about the category created.

At the product category field, the user will select between Pin Products or Downloadable products. Once the fields have been completed, then click on submit or reset in case of any mistake. The submit button takes the user to a page where a pop-up message will indicate that a product category has been created.

The category created can be viewed on the merchant product management page.

product category page

You can read more on the solution for PIN dispensing and downloadable digital products.


On the Merchants Product Management page, click on Get Code on the category created.

This takes the user to the page where Button properties will be provided and the CODE will be generated once the properties are submitted.

The user can copy and paste the code where he wants the button to show on his website.


STEP 2: WordPress Enabled users

Download the Free WordPress Plugins on our website

The differentiating and unique feature of the plugins from others in the WordPress Repository is the level of security built into how the digital files are handled. The files are only available to buyers based on the recommendation of the user/seller. For example, if the user wants the products to be downloaded 5 times, the buyer will not have access to the product once the 5 times downloads are completed.

What these plugins do is to create a unique string at install. Then encrypts your digital products URL into a string capable of being decoded only by your website. This is medical grade encryption and makes obtaining the download URL nearly impossible.

The WordPress Plugins work with any WordPress theme

Developers, sellers and WordPress site owners can read more on WordPress guide of selling digital products using VoguePay in our knowledge-based FAQ page.


STEP 3: Using Joomla

Voguepay Joomla pin dispenser plugin allows you to accept payment on your digital contents via Visa Card, MasterCard and Verve Card on selling dispensable, like scratch cards, or downloadable product, as e-books, videos, etc through Joomla blogs/articles. Using shortcode with articles

The VoguePay Joomla Pin Dispenser Plugin is available here.

Read a link to the tutorial guide on how to use the Joomla plugin.



Selling your digital products on VoguePay has a lot of advantages. If you’re selling an intellectual property content like music or game, with the VoguePay effective security system, you can restrict your buyer to some conditions.

There’s an increase in conversation rate because customers can pay quickly and seamlessly from inside your game, video, news, ebook, or other digital content without leaving the experience, they are more likely to buy and keep coming back.

VoguePay gives your customers the flexibility to pay for only what they want and the service is fast. Customers buying a digital product will automatically receive an email with a link to download the digital file.

VoguePay’s extensive security measures and understanding of the unique vulnerabilities related to digital goods commerce help reduce risks related operational costs before they happen. The owner of the intellectual property is rest assured that his product is not directed to the third party. There’s flexibility for the Developer to set the number of downloads or the duration for download. VoguePay reduces fraud.

The buyer is rest assured that he is buying the original product from the seller and not an imitated or counterfeit product. It is safe for both buyers and sellers.

So when you’re looking to sell a digital product, offering VoguePay as a payment option makes perfect sense

It is secure, quick and easy to use


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