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Bulk Payment : Simple Solution To Pay Staff Salaries And Government Welfare Schemes To Beneficiaries

Who is bulk payment feature Idea for?

Bulk Payment feature is a simple, convenient and secure way to payments directly to the bank accounts of multiple beneficiaries at the same time.

This feature is perfect for organizations to pay staff salaries. It is also useful for multi-Level marketing outfits to disburse payments to their network of members. Government can also use it to disburse welfare scheme to beneficiary’s account at scale.

Bulk Payment on voguepay. pay staff salary at once , multilevel marketing or government welfare scheme

How does the bulk payment feature work?

The process of bulk payment on VoguePay can be automated via API or simply by uploading an excel file with the information of the beneficiaries. To use the API access, your application needs to be able to send the right parameters to our REST API as documented in the developer doc.

To manually upload the info of your beneficiary, simply follow the procedure below:


Prepare the information of the beneficiaries and save in in .csv format. The information to be entered for each beneficiaries will include:

  1. Bank name
  2. Account name
  3. Account number
  4. Amount

format to create beneficiaries list before bulk payment on voguepay

NOTE: Please note as follows:

  • When updating the amount to be paid to the beneficiaries, ensure to convert the amount to be paid to the currency registered to your VoguePay account.
  • To save the file in comma delimited format, i.e (*csv), go to the “File” menu and select “Save As.” and choose the csv format.
    • For PC — CSV (comma delimited)(*.csv)
    • For Macintosh — CSV (Windows format)


Upload the excel document and click to make payment. The system automatically schedules the payment for disbursement to all beneficiaries’ bank account.


A single transaction charge applies to every bulk payment. See details of all transaction fees here


if you have any records, all the records of your bulk payment will be available in your dashboard so you can access the status of payment to all beneficiaries.


At the moment, bulk payment is available to select customers (via this link), you can contact to set it up for your account.

Don’t have an account yet? Register a free account on VoguePay to enjoy this and several other features.

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