Here are free digital tools that can be used to enhance business growth. These tools help business owners to grow their businesses by combining various professional services ranging from creative design, to social media marketing, office documentation and so on. You just found a helping hand as a business owner […]

Understanding DND: The pains and gains of stopping unsolicited text messages

The rise in the rate at which subscribers receive unsolicited text messages is alarming. This prompted many people to petition the Nigerian Communications Commission, a body saddled with the technical and economic regulation of the communications industry in Nigeria. Their first response in 2014 was to challenge subscribers who are […]


What is email to you? Email means many things to many people. Internal communication, B2B means of sharing information, newsletter, updates, cold-calling marketing and so on, are what readily come to mind when ‘email’ is mentioned. I wish I can sit down and count how many emails hit my inbox […]

THE CEO INTERVIEW: Cost of managing cash in Nigeria too high – VoguePay Boss

Michael Simeon is the Chief Executive Officer of VoguePay, a payment processing firm operating in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He tells Tunji Abioye about the numerous challenges associated with e-payment in the country  As a player in the e-payment market, what are your thoughts on the cashless policy introduced in 2012? […]

Qualities of successful enterprebeurs

Top Qualities of Entrepreneurs Who Build Successful Businesses

They are less than 10% of the entire population. But they create 90% of what we have from common table water to spaceships and the most complicated technologies you can think of. Some qualities differentiate successful entrepreneurs from others though. The category of these courageous individuals create most of the […]

5 Sources of Funds for Nigerian Startups

5 Sources of Funds for Nigerian Startups

There are so many songs, so many proverbs about money. Everybody knows that ‘owo ni koko’ (meaning: money is key to everything). Yes, salvation is free, but ‘owo ni keke iyin rere’ (meaning: the gospel is free but it requires money to spread around). This goes to show how important […]

Free Social Media Listening Tools to Grow Your Business

What is social media listening? It is a process through which persons or businesses monitor conversations on digital media platforms in order to identify and assess what their audience and competitors are talking about them or the industry. It is called ‘listening’ but it is more of tracking. It is […]

How Startups Can Survive Deadly Sting of Cash on Deliivery

How Startups Can Survive Deadly Sting of Cash on Deliivery

Cash on Delivery as a payment option, is it a blessing or a curse? On the surface, Cash on Delivery is a payment option. From another angle, it is an incentive. Startups use it as a form of assurance mechanism that buyers get utmost value for their money. That is, […]

voguepay integration

Free Online Payment for Religious Organizations

Religious Institutions like any other organizations need solutions to payment issues. Gone are the days of passing baskets around during religious meeting. To stay relevant in the ever-growing population of tech-savvy people, religious institutions are gradually embracing technology. For example, people can now access their Bibles, Qurans, Hymn Books, Hadiths […]

African Achievers Award 2016

VoguePay awarded “African Online Payment Platform of the year”

Press release – VoguePay awarded as African Online Payment of the Year Lagos, Nigeria and Canary Wharf, UK. 12th July, 2016 – VoguePay.com won the award as the “African Online Payment Platform of the year” at the  6th edition of the African Achievers Award 2016, an event put together by […]