VoguePay Declines Risks from Illegal businesses

VoguePay in an email has communicated to its merchants that in accordance with guidelines from the Card scheme networks, she will no longer harbour  unregistestered and unlicensed merchants. This new standard was decided on by VoguePay management to follow the guidelines of the card scheme network and to avoid financial […]

VoguePay gets enlisted on Visa Global Registry

VoguePay has demonstrated compliance with The PCIDSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard  and have been recognized as a Validated Service Provider. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The PCI Standard […]


What is a Rolling Reserve? The rolling reserve is a significant buyer protection policy used to create a “buffer” for the future chargebacks. It is usually applied at the very beginning of the merchant account activity for a certain period of time, for example 180 days, during which the acquiring […]

stay safe with voguepay digital

COVID 19: Staying Safe with VoguePay digital

In the past couple of weeks, the Corona virus outbreak has been a major concern to the entire public. So far, about 225,254 cases have been recorded globally and staying safe isn’t an option but a MUST.  While keeping safe in this period, a great opportunity presents to introduce VoguePay […]

nacoss software hackathon

I learnt how to develop android app in my First year – Emeka Samuel, first runner up, VoguePay/NACOSS Software Hackathon 2019

. . . In 2017, VoguePay entered into strategic sponsorship with NACOSS, an umbrella body of more than 300,000 students studying Computer Science in various higher institutions, with a mission to discover, launch and support student software entrepreneurs.  As part of the yearly conference, VoguePay rewards students and developers, who […]

More Tech Talents Discovered at NACOSS Software Hackathon 2019

As part of VoguePay’s initiatives in the digital ecosystem, VoguePay sponsored Software Hackathon organized by the Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS)  at this year’s annual conference themed,””Contemporary Technology Ecosystem role for Student Developers” (CONTECO 2019).  At the annual conference, VoguePay rewarded students who are developing applications that can […]