Does VoguePay have a testing environment for card payment?

. VoguePay provides a sandbox environment to test dummy transactions. You can test the functionality of the codes and API configuration you want to implement on demo before going live. Details of this can be found on our developer page To accept card payment in demo environment, please use the […]

How to auto-withdraw money from VoguePay to Bank Account

. . You can set up your VoguePay account to withdraw money to your bank account when a specific payment threshold is reach. To enable auto withdrawal, all the fields must be correctly filled for auto withdrawal to take effect. Also indicate the amount and Bank details. NOTE: You can […]

How do I transfer funds to other VoguePay users?

. It is easy to send money to other VoguePay users via our wallet system. You can send funds to other VoguePay users locally or it can be cross-currency transfer (i.e, a VoguePay user with Naira account can send money to another user in China while the recipient will receive […]

How do I withdraw my money from VoguePay to my Bank?

. You can withdrawal part or all your money from your VoguePay wallet to any bank account of choice. You can automate your withdrawals by specifying conditions (e.g when particular threshold or time is reached, we automatically process disbursement to your bank) or you can manually place a withdrawal request. […]

What are your charges?

We are constantly working to make our fees competitive. This means that we are always looking for the best technology that helps us save cost (which we can happily pass on to our merchants). At the moment, these are our fees and charges.

When can I withdraw my money (Funds Maturity)

. . On VoguePay, funds are not accessible for withdrawal immediately. For local transactions (Naira), you can withdraw funds next day  (T+1)  while for other currencies, maturity period is T+5 days. What’s the basis for fund maturity? It is designed as a buyer protection policy. We want to make sure […]