How does your recurrent billing work

Recurrent billing allows YOU to send recurring payment to the beneficiary you specify. To set up a recurrent billing for third-party, visit: Recurrent Billings The process involves filling the details of the beneficiary and generating a token for the transaction.     Use cases of Recurring Billing can be for […]

How to generate payment link on VoguePay

You can generate payment link from VoguePay to request payment from customers. Payment link can be used in multiple ways: To send payment request via social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook or even email and SMS. This is useful especially if you do not have a website. To receive payment with […]


5 FREE Business Support Tools for Startups

One major source of headache for web developers and business owners is integration. Businesses are of different types and sizes requiring different number of users on a particular platform plus various levels of security. Sometimes, developing a web site for a new online business comes easy but making the website […]