Learn about VoguePay’s buyer protection policy

VoguePay is focused on satisfying customers that send payment through our gateway. One of the first steps we take to achieve this is our business verification process. The verification process ensures that the merchants that accept payment with VoguePay meet adequate KYC/AML standard. In any case where customer is not […]

How to integrate VoguePay to IPTV websites

. In an earlier article, we delved into the details of how VoguePay offers a robust card processing payment gateway for IPTV merchants.  If you have an IPTV business and you want to use VoguePay to accept payment, below are the 3 simple steps to get started: Create an account […]

How to process payment refund requests on VoguePay

. Just like chargebacks, refund essentially means that your buyer wants the transaction reversed so he/she can get back the money paid to you. What can cause refunds ? Your customers can ask for refunds due to a few reasons. Below are some of them. Transaction was not successful but […]

Payment Aggregators

Payment Aggregators (PSPs)

. The world of payment is still fragmented. This is due in part to card types and payment regulations in different parts of the world.  For example, mobile wallet is prevalent in some regions whereas it can be different for another market. As a result, payment service providers and aggregators that […]

How payment service providers can add VoguePay as payment gateway

. VoguePay offers PSPs (payment service providers) the full experience of whitelabel global payment solution. This solution is ideal for PSPs looking  to support the needs of their existing local merchants that need global payment solutions. Payment cashiers can also take advantage of this solution to offer custom payment gateway […]