Evidence of service delivery (chargeback requests)

What is chargebacks?: Chargeback usually happens when customers do not receive the value “as promised” by vendor or in cases where someone’s card was billed without his/her permission for the purchase. Such customers could approach their banks to seek reversal of the transaction. (These can also happen when buyers unjustly claim […]

How to create free shopping cart on VoguePay

It is easy to accept payment with VoguePay even if you don’t have a website. One option is to generate a payment link which you can send to your clients to accept payment on Whatsapp, Facebook or any platform. Here is a guide on how to do this. Another option […]

List of currencies supported by VoguePay

The list of currencies supported on VoguePay are: 1. US Dollar (USD) 2. British Pound (GBP) 3. Euro (EUR) 4. Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) 5. Nigerian Naira (NGN) 6. South African Rand (ZAR) When you open an account on VoguePay, you are assigned a default currency (from any of the currencies above) […]

How to fund your Ice3X account to trade bitcoin and ethereum

You can now buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies in Naira. VoguePay partnered exclusively with Ice3X to make it easy to trade in bitcoin and ethereum. Follow the simple guideline below: 1. Create an Account on Ice3X You can create your own free trading account at iceCUBED X  by simply clicking here. It only […]

How does bulk payment work?

Bulk payment allows you to pay a large number of people at the same time. The payment goes directly to their respective bank accounts and only a single transaction fee applies. Read the full details here

Can personal account receive payment in USD?

You can only accept USD with a verified account on VoguePay.  Please note that if you set up any payment link to receive payment in USD when your account is not enabled for it, the checkout page will display blank. Personal account can only receive payments from VoguePay users and […]