How does bulk payment work?

Bulk payment allows you to pay a large number of people at the same time. The payment goes directly to their respective bank accounts and only a single transaction fee applies. Read the full details here

Can personal account receive payment in USD?

You can only accept USD with a verified account on VoguePay.  Please note that if you set up any payment link to receive payment in USD when your account is not enabled for it, the checkout page will display blank. Personal account can only receive payments from VoguePay users and […]

How do I get charged when I receive International payment.

When you receive payment in other currencies other than your default currency, the money will be deposited to your account in your default currency (please note that your default currency is defined by your country of residence) After the money has been converted to your default currency, the transaction charge […]

Where can I upload the downloadable content I want to sell

If you are selling a digital product it is easy to use VoguePay to instantly give download access to your users immediately after payment. This particular guide covers selling digital downloadable product on VoguePay. You can upload the digital content you want to sell to any hosting services of your […]

How we handle reversal or charge back due to frauds

When a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent, our financial partners (Bank and switching operators) might contacts VoguePay to reverse it even when the payment has already been successfully credited to you. If the cards used for the payment on your site is confirmed to be compromised by the suspected […]