5 FREE Business Support Tools for Startups

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2016)

One major source of headache for web developers and business owners is integration. Businesses are of different types and sizes requiring different number of users on a particular platform plus various levels of security. Sometimes, developing a web site for a new online business comes easy but making the website useful for the business becomes a big deal.

This takes developers through an entirely new set of tasks of coding and coding until everything blends well. Voguepay as a forward-thinking payment platform with utmost interest in success of startups and small businesses, have developed in-house tools to support different kinds of businesses.

Here are five of the numerous business and content management support tools Voguepay has developed and been improving for smooth running of every business type and size on our platform. These tools are free, always ready to be integrated. There are a plus to web developers and bonus for small business owners.

Transaction view

Transaction view provides read-only rights and permissions to appropriate members of a team. Only admin has the permissions to make permanent changes, but other stakeholders can view transactions done from the backend in order to make decisions. This ensures rights and permissions are delegated to only members of a team that that need to make changes on the platform. This security measure ensures accountability, responsibility and narrow down the number of people who could make certain pre-determined changes when tracking transaction logs.


Multiple stores

This business support tool is good for a business that wants to separate income for different categories or aspects of the business. For instance you have a store that sells electronics, furniture, food items and so on. Voguepay multiple stores tool helps separate your income into separate purses under same account for proper record keeping and accuracy. Another application of multiple stores is a University account with many purses (sub-account for each faculty).

Merchant split

Merchant split automates sharing of income between product owner and affiliate sellers. This a sure-fire affiliate system that ensures tracking, auditing of transaction and automatic split of income that pay all affiliates who have sold chosen products. When you deploy pay per acquisition approach wherein you pay affiliates a certain percentage for each item of yours they sell via traffic they generate, Merchant Split is a great support that automatically credits the affiliates once they help sell a product.


This saves you the stress of balancing account and manually credit who sold what. It eliminates the doubt that an affiliate may not get paid accordingly as at when due, since a trusted system is in place.

Product management

Product management tracks and protects digital products like eBook, songs, videos and so on. As a Voguepay user, you upload your product on your preferred platform and provide us with the link for encryption. A new link is generated for you to share with your audience. The new link you generate will be encrypted by our product management tool such that until  certain conditions which you set have set are fulfilled, your digital product is not accessible.  You can as well set the total number a particular link can download your product.

It is that safe. Yeah! You have absolute control of your digital product by using our product management tool.

Developer Tools

Voguepay recognizes the importance of web developers to the success of businesses online. Apart from the mouth-watering 30% commission on our charges from transactions on websites they integrate our platform into, we have many customizable tools ready-made for them. With our developer tools, web developers can easily integrate Voguepay into any kind of online business platforms and content management systems.

We have ready-made developer tools, which can be easily customized, for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Woo commerce, VirtueMart, Prestashop, Opencart, Hikashop, etc.


Regardless of your business type and size, be it startup or speedup, we have free business support tools for you on VoguePay platform that ensure seamless integration into the online community and enhance productivity.

Learn more about FREE business and content management support tools provided by VoguePay for merchants on our platform HERE.

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