3 Steps To Change Your Career Smoothly

3 Steps To Change Your Career Smoothly

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2019)

Why is career change necessary?

As things pan out, in life, some of us get tired of a particular job, company or industry. They are dis-satisfied by poor treatment, stagnancy in career path, terrible bosses, and are determined to move on. However, some want to move on to start their own businesses.

3 Steps To Change Your Career SmoothlyWhether to change a job, company, industry or plunge into running your own business, you are about to find out 3 actionable steps smoothly change your carer.

Why is a career change hard to do?

Career change is one of the toughest things to do in life, especially in Nigeria where the unemployment rate is high.

Some people are losing their jobs, even banks are retrenching. How do people cope after leaving a seemingly secure job?

Fear of change, fear of uncertainty, fear of rejection create the first battle ambitious people fight on their way out of a current job.

Moving on to do what is different from what you are comfortable with is obviously challenging. But it is surmountable.

What do I Need to Change My Career?

Before someone can actually gather enough courage to change a job or career, desire for change must be strong, the person must be determined not to look back, a lot of discipline is required and a decision to move on must be made and stuck to.

Emphasizing the requirements for a smooth career change is not to scare those of us who want to move on, it is just to open our eyes to some hard-to-swallow realities.

You can, if you think you can.

Count your cost, plan your way out, remain open and positive, and stick to your plan. It may not be easy but it will be worth it in the end.

3 Steps To Change Your Career SmoothlyHow Do I Change My Career?

We have brought you 3 actionable steps which you can take in order to make a smooth career change.

Be Informed

The best way to conquer your fear of uncertainty that lies in the new life ahead is to get as much information as you can get. Make friends in your next industry, get familiar with what they do and how things work there.

For someone who wants to start a new business after a current full-time job, networking events could afford you a whole lot of information. Through networking events, you will meet people doing what you want or something related.

New friends in the company or industry you have an interest in can advise properly on your plan to move on. They advise you on the right training courses to take and the right certifications that will give you an edge.

Information is never too much. Know as much as you can about your next job or new business.

Start Small

Do break your career change plan into a series of small measurable steps. Some of these steps should be what you can take while you keep your current job. They will create a strategy for you to test the waters.

You could take up a freelance gig maybe after the close of business or over the weekends. This affords you some hands-on experience and helps you start working relationships in your next world.

As a CEO to-be, start that part of your new business you could do part-time alongside your day job. It is easy to recover from common mistakes rookies make when they start a new business.

No CEO started out a super business person. They all made mistakes and learned. Some burnt not only their fingers but also their funds and that of their investors way early into their businesses.

If you start your new business part-time while you keep your day job, you have the opportunity to make all the mistakes you can as a starter.

Take Courage from Your Achievements

Rejection is a fatal threat that keeps many people at their current jobs to date, whether they are happy doing the job or not.

People are truly scared of being rejected for lack of experience or for whatsoever reason. Thus, they stick to the environment they are familiar with and can easily call the shots from.

It is only normal for prospective employers or clients to doubt your capacity to deliver as promised, knowing that you are about to or have just changed a job/career.

3 Steps To Change Your Career SmoothlyThis is when you should draw motivation from your past achievements on your current or recent job.

Little successes of our own have this strange way of nudging us forward.

Take a cue from how you have motivated yourself or others to achieve a feat or two in the past. This is still you, the only environment has changed. If you did it back then on your past job, you could do it again on your new gig.

You need all the courage you can get to surmount challenges that creep up on your new adventure. Your past successes can keep your company if you learn to lean on them.

Change is the only constant thing in life. Even, if you refuse to change, things around you will change.

Do not be afraid to switch your career or start that new business you are passionate about because you are afraid or do not know how to move on to the next level in your life.

What you are today is the product of the decisions you made yesterday. Likewise, the decisions you make today will affect your tomorrow. Do you want to look back to today and see that you sacrifice your dreams for momentary comfort? Or, do you want to look back and be able to spoil yourself for making the sacrifice required today to get out your dream?

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